About Paula Buchanan

Paula is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Bend, Or.  She was licensed #6205 in 1996 and was also a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer since 1990, but no longer trains clients. After a move to Portland, she was Aquatic Director of the beautiful pool at the (now defunct) Metro Family YMCA.

 Her practice is sports based, including deep tissue, stretching techniques, PNF, Active release, structural and functional assessments, LiteCure Class 4 Laser Therapy and other blended modalities.  

     She has been a sponsored cyclist and triathlete from 1984-1995. Cycling sponsorship started with Trek in 1984 after 3 yrs of leader points in Wisconsins Wisport Cycling series.  Powerbar began sponsorship in 1986 and Oakley, Hind, Brooks, and Insport followed once Paula transitioned to racing triathlons. Her favorite races nationally were held in Hilton Head, Chicago, Milwaukee and Portland, Or. and Ironman in Canada.

After graduating college with a BSW, then attended East West Massage School of Integrative Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon she obtained State board licensure in August 1996.  Fun Fact, Oregon OBMT license numbers are in ascending order and must be present on all business materials.  For transparency and safety, you can always tell long an LMT has been state licensed according to those numbers.  

Horses are what introduced me to Laser Therapy. I saw the modality work in numerous ways to heal one of my horses after a horrific accident.  After a discussion with the veterinarian about putting the horse down we instead chose to attempt healing the injuries.  Long story short, I saw the laser speed heal the horse.  There was little to no scar tissue in any of the affected areas, restored full range of motion and within a year was back to training and jumping.  She passed numerous vet checks, sold sound and is back to showing. During that time, I complained to my veterinarian how much my hands hurt with arthritis. She offered to laser my hands, which turned out to be life changing. For maintenance, I had my hands lasered every 6-8 weeks which kept my hands supple and pain free. After a couple years, I decided to purchase a LiteCure Laser. Peer reviewed clinical studies are showing increased benefits when laser therapy is combined with massage, or other soft tissue work such as PT, OT, Chiro, and Acupuncture.

A retired competitive athlete, Paula was then active with the High Lakes US Pony Club, Summit High School Equestrian Team and as a 4-H Poultry leader. She has 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 horses and many chickens.

In addition to required Oregon Board continuing education licensing requirements, Paula has completed classes in the General Principles, Scientific Basis, Medical Laser Safety, and practical protocols of laser use.  Please be sure your laser provider holds a state bodywork license as listed above. The benefits of extensive knowledge in physiology, kinesiology, pathologies, and the ability to do soft tissue work, allows us to achieve higher functional results by addressing surrounding soft tissue.  I have seen decreased pain and inflammation in clients with arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, golf/tennis elbow, low back, knee pain and many other issues. Typical arthritis and soft tissue issues can be resolved within 4-7 visits, giving you the freedom to return on an as needed basis.